Our Approach


We act on all the critical success factors of the project, seeking alignment with the needs and objectives of the organisation, generating ideas and pointing directions.


We apply a wide range of consultancy tools to facilitate discussions, reflections and decision making based on relevant indicators and sound analysis.


Our approach includes the active participation of internal and external stakeholders in all phases of the project, seeking community engagement.


Our consulting seeks to collaboratively build a culture of good practice and continuous learning that can be applied to future projects.

Our Principles

Open Science
Responsabile use of indicators
Think globally, act locally
Promote the Sustainable Development
We are signatories to the San Francisco Declaration - DORA (2013) and adhere to the recommendations of the Leiden Manifesto (2015) and the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism (2019), and we have also contributed, as consultants, to the drafting of the ALAEC Manifesto on the responsible use of indicators for evaluations of science carried out in Latin America.